Guilderton Golf Club


Situated in the beautiful picturesque seaside town of Guilderton (approx. 100 km North of Perth), the course was officially opened in September 1987 and has over the years transformed into an outstanding, well maintained and challenging 9 - hole sand green golf course.


The course suits both novice and experienced golfers and with a membership in excess of 90 active members, the club continues to grow in strength.


Club members meet on both Wednesdays (to play scroungers) and Saturdays to play club competitions and visitors are welcome to come and join the members in our competitions.

Golf Fees Guilderton Golf Club (GGC) fees are set at $15 per Adult Player for as many rounds as you can fit in per day (Adults 18 years and older).

If you are interested in becoming a member of Guilderton Golf Club please email the Club Secretary and he will contact you with details of joining and how to obtain a handicap.

For additional information please contact:

Club Captain:  Phil Flavell Mobile 0439 690 836.

Club Secretary: Nigel Daddow Mobile 0477 365 990.



Please collect your score card and pay your fees at the gazebo (cash only 

Drone Footage courtesy Michael Foots

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